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famous in Victorian times for being able to break wind at will. In 2007, The Times branded him the worst-ever player in top-flight soccer. House on the Rock A complex of architecturally distinct rooms, streets, gardens, and shops designed by Alex Jordan. Pauli effect Something in the lab not working? Bertrand's postulate Despite now being a theorem, still conventionally called a postulate. Kick the bucket A heated argument lies behind the origin of this idiom. Just ask the residents of S*horpe. Not the longest movie ever screened though (see below). List of missing landmarks in Spain Over 60 interesting buildings, including larger castles, royal palaces, leaning towers, city gates which were completely or partially demolished and no longer exist, with their respective articles and images. animal sex movies etelä karjala

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Animals in space An annotated list of the various animals used in space programs. Nothing Lasts Forever A completed feature-length film with Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd that has never been released and may never be released. Schmidt sting pain index An entomologist is stung by just about everything known to sting and, en route, describes the pain involved in terms of a four-point comparative scale. Cannabis foods Various foods containing cannabis. Canard Digérateur Or "Digesting Duck an automaton built to simulate a duck eating, digesting, and excreting. Perry Mason moment ".

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Animal sex movies etelä karjala Bialbero di Casorzo A cherry tree that grows upon a mulberry tree in Italy. Athletes 1956 Olympic Flame hoax Why the Olympic Flame is pants. Heil Honey I'm Home! Boss key A special button on an application used to quickly mask an employee's counterproductivity. On the Cruelty of Really Teaching Computer Science A 1990 academic paper which argues that computer programming should be understood as a branch of mathematics, and that the formal provability of a program is a major criterion for correctness.
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Mill Ends Park The smallest park in the world  452 in2 (0.292 m2)  in Portland, Oregon. Music Example of an instrument recently added to the inventory. Shitterton A hamlet in England with a formerly collectible sign. Lawsuits against God A notoriously apathetic defendant, he/she/it has never turned up for one of his/her/its hearings. Tsang Tsou Choi From the 1970s to his death, he claimed to be the " Kowloon emperor". Lithopedion The rare condition of an unborn fetus calcifying. Penis fencing A literal figurative variety of cockfighting between some species of flatworm. Meat dress of Lady Gaga A dress made of flank steak.

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